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Here's what we have said in our official press release!

LONDON September 27, 2016 - Innovator, Martins Jansons, is breaking ground in the gaming industry with his newly published Bead Game Box, an all-in-one board game solution with 108+ of the best board games. This first collective creativity game blurs the lines between genres by bringing real-life players together through a social game web app, which holds the world's largest collection of traditional board games and board game variations. 
This super compact yet highly functional game box is a compilation of lost and found games from cultures around the world as well as beloved board game classics like checkers and tic-tac-toe, but the ultimate goal of the game is to inspire players to create. With modular game boards that allow for multiple layout options, a box with colorful beads and dice, and plenty of traditional game boards, the possibilities for innovation are endless. Any new games or game variations can be shared instantly with the Bead Game community through the game set's dedicated web App. Games can be played time and time again with new variations, so they never get old.


“The kind of strategic thinking that can be learned through games is a useful skill in our everyday lives, perceiving situations, or creating paths for our success. Games are a social playground for developing that skill and discovering the possibilities together!” says Martins Jansons.
the bead game box

About Adepts Creative Industries

Adepts Creative Industries, established in 2015, is a hub for collective intelligence and creative spark. The team focuses on developing game ecosystems spanning across areas such as social entertainment, pedagogy, psychology, business planning and analytics. The Bead Game, which is the brainchild of Martins himself is inspired by Hermann Hesse's cult novel “The Glass Bead Game” and has taken over seven years of research and development to become what it is today.
The Bead Game Box, along with various extension packages containing the best board games from many different genres, can be preordered for a limited time, from September 27 until November 5, exclusively through Kickstarter. A limited number of first orders will be offered at a fraction of their retail value.

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the bead game box

the bead game box

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