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Creativity is believed to be an essential step in human development. It combines personal experience with external information, and by making life fulfilling and interesting helps to expand person’s inner world and build some significant and unique personality features.

Strengthening authentic social skills

One of the reasons why creativity is important, it encourages people to be more social. And board games create a perfect opportunity for such interactions.

Actually, it’s, most likely, the most significant aspect of playing board games – they are social. Unlike being involved in a video game by oneself, board games require communication with other people. Either it’s deepening connections with family and friends, or trying new plays on digital platform with like-minded strangers – all interactions are still based on communication.

Another wonderful side of this is that board games are not “corrupted” by social status. Players choose their partners due game preferences or personality, rather position in life or authority and power they possess.

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Decision making and problem solving

Creativity expands perception, and along with expanded perception come new ways of decision making and problem solving. Board games are known to be an outlet for learning these vital skills.

Every game is a unique situation where the limits of thinking and individual creativity are being tested. And they are examined in a way that makes sense to get the desired outcome faster or better. Certainly, when playing a single decision doesn’t make a huge difference (most of the time), but continuation of steps and solutions has a profound impact on the way event – the game – unfolds. So, if a player wants to win, he or she is pushed into creative ways of decision making and problem solving. For instance, a study by Betty Zan found that those who play checkers develop greater ability to communicate, solve problems and resolve conflicts.


Managing feelings of anxiety and depression

Over the time, many studies have found that creative individuals are prone to suffer from anxiety and depression and by 25 percent are more likely to carry genes that raise risk of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. However, the “dark side” of creativity usually emerges when it’s left unmanaged. Or, so-to-speak, people don’t know how to express themselves and their individuality.

Board games come in handy here. First of all, they help to relax (because they are fun and engaging). And by relaxing, they rejuvenate mind, which makes creativity flow naturally and not be “overbearing”. Also, board games provide natural and easy canvas to direct tense feelings into an action. (This is especially true about The Bead Game. It allows players to create their own rules and games.)

Exploring and moving forward with confidence

Creativity is the antonym of being stuck. It never allows it. Creative people are always exploring and moving forward. Board games are the same way… It's just impossible for a person to stop searching and discovering when he or she is involved in a play. Board games motives to be curious and confident... Just as we said before, great ideas come with confidence, confidence enhances creativity, and as result creativity promotes wonderful ideas. It’s a circle of creative life.


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